Interestingly amazing Google Gravity Tricks

If ever you feel bored of browsing all over the internet scouring through the net for the information you need, then Google offers you some of the fun and amazing stuff and tricks that keeps you entertained and engaged. The cool and interesting stuff of the Google gives you an amazing and wonderful experience, and so you should definitely check out this.

Obviously, you know that Google is one of the most popular and widely used search engines by millions of users across the globe on the internet. And so, if you are interested to watch out for some wonderful experience, then you should definitely check out these Google Gravity tricks.

Let us look at some of the interesting Google Gravity tricks available:

  1. Google Rainbow

If you are interested to look out for something colourful than the regular tricks on the internet, then you should definitely visit the colourful Rainbow page of Google search engine, that shows the web page in a colourful manner with all the contents of the page displayed in different colours and continuously blinking. The Google logo is covered above with the word, Rainbow in the colours of VIBGYOR, displayed in a convex shape.

  1. Google Zero Gravity Inversion

This is another interestingly best and coolest trick offered by Google along with the prior explained models. Also known as Google Gravity Mirror, while looking at this web page the visitors will feel like they are looking at the web page from the other side of the mirror, as everything on the web page will appear inversely.

  1. Google Tilt

This interesting Gravity trick of Google, will display the search engine results page in a tilted manner to one side. In order to view this web page in a tilted manner, you should type in the word tilt in the search bar and click on the search button, and the resulting search results page will appear in a tilted manner.

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