Shopping for shoes is always considered as a woman’s favorite pass time (sometimes even buying men’s shoes and accessories). Whenever we hear the words “shoe shopping,” we instantly form a stereotypical mental image of a happy, laughing woman going out with her girl gang, trying out bright high heels and pumps and other various kinds of shoes, moving from one shop to another carrying several shopping bags.

But this image is clichéd, and for the current generation, it would be wrong to say that, only women are part of this brigade. Today, a young man spends a good amount of time and money on his appearance which involves his clothes, shoes, and accessories like belts, watches, etc. And why shouldn’t he? The world today is obsessed with looks and appearances. You need to maintain a good profile about yourself especially on social media.You get judged every second on the basis of your appearance and how you carry yourself. Hence, you have to raise the bar of your fashion choices, irrespective of being a male or female.

Shoes are the first thing anyone notices about you. Their cleanliness, brand, etc. speak a lot about you and your habits. Men, who mostly work in the corporate sector and MNCs have to work around international delegates or are delegates themselves, have to remain up to date on such matters as wherever they go they not only have to represent themselves but also their department or company or country.

No wonder, even men are becoming fashion conscious these days. It is now even said, that men have actually started spending more on shoes and other accessories as compared to women.

Mens shoes sometimes are much more expensive than those of a woman because they are made for comfort and not just for looks. Men have a thing for quality and comfort and nothing matters more than those. They will buy one good quality, branded and comfortable pair of shoes no matter how much expensive it might be. They make a “one-time” investment over it and don’t worry about it for at least a year.

The 16 to 24-year-old men today, spends almost 15 percent more than their female counterparts on Men’s shoes, be it at retail stores or online shopping through popular apps such as Tata App and many others. This expenditure on appearances has been informally termed as “pink tax,” referring to the color pink which here is related to the tending of the body and looks.

Not just the formal shoes, but also the expensive sneakers and sports shoes are finding their place in men’s wardrobes. In a year, a man will go not more than twice or thrice for buying shoes and will only buy something that will be with him in the “long run” and which will go with all his dresses; however pricey it is. Women, on the other hand, go shoe shopping almost every month and buy loads of shoes, only to discard them within half a year or less.

But that is how, the genders have been designed; two ends of the same stick- one goes for quality and the other for quantity.

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